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Winter Preparedness

When disaster strikes
are you confident in your IT Infrastructure?

Why leave your IT Infrastructure to chance?

The majority of business owners are not ready for a winter storm. Sure, the roads are plowed and staff are able to make it to work, but did your infrastructure make it?

This is what a Prepared Managed IT Infrastructure looks like

  • 24x7x365 monitoring
    24x7x365 monitoring of your network and systems – including servers, desktops and mobile devices

  • IT Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting and remediation for any processes or services that fail

  • Patch deployment
    Patch deployment, Service Pack installation and anti-virus support

  • Data Backups
    Verification and management of data backups

  • Full-service
    Full-service 24x7x365 Help Desk

If you are missing even 1 piece of the puzzle, you are vulnerable.