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Cyber Security Tips to Protect from a Data Breach


Recently Marriott’s data breach exposed data of up to 500 million users.  Is your company safe?  How do you protect yourself and your organization from a cyber-security attack and data-breach?  Don’t be a victim!

Here are are few things you can do today to improve your security posture

1.  Create strong passwords that are unpredictable and change them often.  Set a policy for password expiration.

2. Update your software regularly.  This includes your operating system (Windows, Linux, and Mac), your routers, switches and firewalls, any other software installed ex: Adobe flash etc.

3.  Backup you data regularly to protect not only from accidental deletion of a file but also Ransomware.  Ransomware increased by over 200% last year.  Make c checklist of files to backup and set up a regular maintenance schedule to review your backup plans.

4. Make sure your computer is protected with antivirus installed.

5. You!  You are just as important when protecting your data and your organizations.   Cybersecurity is a team effort and everyone needs to do their part so everyone can benefit.

This is just a starting point for you in improving your security posture.

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