End of Year IT Checklist

The new year is quickly approaching.  Make sure you are ready and kick the new year off right.

1. Review all hardware and software maintenance contracts – Whether you have new ones or old ones, you consider reviewing (or having and experts review) your maintenance contracts and to maximize your coverage and remove any unnecessary costs.

2. Clean up you IT network rooms – Over time the IT rooms become more storage and cables can become looking like spaghetti. Consider a plan to clean up the IT rooms and get those cables neat, tidy, and well organized to ensure maximum performance.

3. Your hardware’s life cycle management – It is important to manage your hardware life cycle. By waiting for a piece of hardware to fail to replace will cost you more. By proactively managing the life-cycle process you are minimizing any downtime and actually reducing costs. Think about upgrading to Windows 10 before end of year 2019.

4. Data Security – This is on the list because you always need to be thinking about keeping your information secure. Review you Incident response and budget for security awareness training for your employees.

5. Newt technology solutions – Having the right technology is one of the key things that small businesses need to be streamlined and efficient. Technology is moving fast and that trend will continue. Don’t get left behind with old technology. As a business owner you need to evaluate your current infrastructure and look at new technologies that will allow you to grow run your business efficiently.

Start 2019 off right and let us help you get there.  — get a Free IT Assessment and Network Evaluation when you reference this post.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

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