Cyber Security

Cyber Security tips while traveling

Cyber Security is not just for when you are in the office or at home. Sorry, but you are not excluded when you travel. If you have plans on traveling this summer or travel frequently follow these simple but important steps and stay safe:

1. Backup up your data on all devices(your mobile device, laptop, or tablet) before you leave.
2. Backup to the cloud(Google, iCloud, etc) frequently while away. Your pictures and data will not be lost if you lose it.
2. Turn on find my phone feature. Be able to track its last known locations in case you lose it or it gets stolen.
3. Always lock your device when not using.
4. Avoid using public WiFi access points or use through a VPN(Virtual Private Network)
5. Avoid charging your phones directly to a USB port at the airport or Hotel.

If you curious to learn more about staying safe, reach out and I will answer any question you have.

Stay safe,
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