cyber security
Cyber Security

What to do if you have Ransomware

Do you or your employees know what to do if your infected with a #virus or have #ransomware? If you suspect yourcomputer is infected:

1. Immediately disconnect the equipment from the Network/Internet. Unplug the network cable or disable wireless.

2. Leave the equipment on; don’t close or open new programs.

3. Write down any messages that appear on the monitor.

4. Note all events that occurred before and during the expected attack.(Did it come from an email link, email attachment, USB, web site,etc.?)

5. Report the incident immediately. Contact the your CyberSecurity or IT. (*Have these contacts list printed out and close)

Don’t have a CyberSecurity team? Contact DSS to find out how you can improve your own security, keep your systems and data secure, and avoid having to tell your clients their sensitive data has been lost, and it’s your fault.

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