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What Is Microsoft Planner and How Do You Use It?

You probably remember the days when you could scribble your to-do list in the margins of your agenda. However, as you have entered into the professional world, tasks have gotten more complicated than a simple to-do list can manage. That is why people have turned to Microsoft Planner to sift through their assortment of projects.

Microsoft Planner is a task-management app that accompanies Office 365. This cloud-based software’s personalized features can allow users to customize their experiences and organize their tasks in a way that works for them.

Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about the Microsoft Planer and how you leverage its features for personal and business success.

What Is Microsoft Planner?

The Microsoft Planner application is a cloud-based task management software. When teams utilize the Microsoft Planner, they can create, track, and communicate about projects.

Unlike other task management applications on the market, Microsoft Planner offers a user-friendly service that integrates all of Office 365. These features make Microsoft Planner the perfect software to add to your business or personal life.

Because Microsoft Planner was created to work alongside other applications in the Microsoft ‘ecosystem’, other Microsoft users find it very user-friendly.

This cloud-based software allows teams to meet up in a centralized location to create and collaborate on projects. Because this software relies on the cloud, it is accessible to everyone.

Features of Microsoft Planner

The Microsoft Planner allows you to keep project management on a consolidated interface. This organizational tool allows users to generate reports and stay on schedule with all projects.

This platform allows team members to easily collaborate on projects and track tasks to their completion. Here are some of the key features of the Microsoft Planner.

Schedule View

Creating and maintaining a schedule is necessary for personal and organizational growth. With effective scheduling, teams are about to reach their potential.

Allocating time to work on projects and juggle meetings is important for personal efficiency. Microsoft planner comes with a schedule view that allows users to view all of their tasks and responsibilities on an organized platform.

Business Security

Microsoft Planner allows companies to prioritize business security as they manage business operations. Microsoft offers the utmost security through scam protection, phishing protection, and overall online security.

Task Filtration

Microsoft Planner allows users to customize their dashboards. Task filtration ensures that users can make notes and create their list of priorities. By allowing users to group and filter tasks by deadline and priority, users can stay organized and on top of their to-do lists.

Project Tracking

Project management can be used to improve team effectiveness. Project tracking is important to make accurate deadlines, readjust goals, and meet your organization’s goals. Tracking also allows you to deliver on a project’s promises.

Planner permits overall improved organizational performance. By alerting team members of their shortcomings teams can focus their attention on struggling projects. Project tracking allows managers to expedite decision-making and improve overall project accountability.

Managerial Features

Microsoft Planner allows users to take on management roles. As a manager, this can be used as a tool to ensure a smooth and collaborative work dynamic. Centralized task management software provides vision and leadership to an organization.

Project managers are able to leverage Microsoft Planner’s features to delegate tasks to subordinates and check in on progress. A key managerial feature of Microsoft Planner is the ability to distribute work to colleagues. Task management encompasses the planning, executing, and reporting of a particular task.

One of the most important aspects of task management is tracking a particular task’s progress. Users are able to assign out tasks and use tools to monitor participants’ progress. Using tools of oversight allow managers to zoom out and analyze their team’s success on a broader scope.

Collaboration Platform

Working collaboratively improves productivity and unites a team. Collaboration leads to improved product communication and success. The Microsoft Planner allows users to leave messages on tasks and align communication by eliminating confusion.

The “My Tasks” section of the Microsoft Planner allows team members to share a cloud-based dashboard. This section allows users to comment and attach files to a particular task.

Being able to chat about tasks and track team progress provides the tools for team success. The Microsoft Planner is a tool that promotes collaboration and allows for project members to work with flexibility. By centralizing everything on a singular platform

Calendar Integration

Calendars are useful for keeping track of upcoming obligations. Calendars allow users to visualize their schedules and stay organized.

There is a major benefit to allowing the task management software to integrate calendar space. By consolidating responsibilities on a cloud-based calendar, it is easy to stay on track even when you are on the go.

Time management is one of the most difficult skills to conquer. Microsoft Planner allows tasks to be fully integrated into your Outlook calendar.

Email Notifications

Email communication is a fast and convenient way to communicate project guidelines and details. Email notifications are triggered email that acts as a reminder for deadlines. These scheduled messages will keep users on track.

The Microsoft Planner allows email notifications to permeate the interface. Allowing email to breakthrough can help you keep deadlines in focus. This will ensure that you never forget about upcoming deadlines.

Get Organized and Streamline Projects

Microsoft Planner allows users to track and organize projects around their organization’s mission. By consolidating all project communication and files, the team can centralize communication, streamline projects, and ensure digital security.

The Microsoft planner software allows users to complete tasks and work towards organizational success. Connect with us to learn more about how you can streamline project management and execution.

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